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PhilosophyManagement Philosophy

Work Actively, Playfully, Globally

It is our vision that our businesses and services would be well trusted and loved around the world

In this era of borderless globalization, there are limitless possibilities for
companies to thrive on the global stage.
Our goal is to nurture companies to fulfil their potential with
a breakthrough expansion, not just domestically but also globally.
We believe that there are a lot of passionate entrepreneurs with brilliant
who are forced to give up their dreams due to the lack of funds and
resources instead of their own inabilities.
This is often caused by the society’s tendency of pursuing quick-profit
instead of long-term sustainability.
Bold Investment was established to spot and support those who have such a strongvision.
Our driving-force is to accelerate your success by empowering your
company to be able to take on big challenges that you couldn’t overcome

As we respect our customers, our group companies and our employees,
it is our commitment to continuously provide support and assistance
whenever needed.
People might not be able to see the true extent of their highest potential
until they challenge themselves to grab the opportunity that comes
with obstacles.
However, with the right partner and team, they can always stand up
again and again to overcome failures.
Bold Group as a family is committed to be the valuable strategic partner
to uncover your true potential and achieve your vision.

4 key principles of Bold Investment

Be customer-first above all else
"How Much Happiness Can We Bring to Our Customer" is what we are most self-conscious
about and we will continue to provide the best service for our customer satisfaction.
Empower employees to gain competitive advantage
The solidity of our team is critical to be able to provide satisfactory service.
We aim to build an environment where our employees can constantly grow, feel challenged,
and unfold their abilities.
Bring positive impact to the society globally
We dream of a future where products and services from companies that share our aspirations will
bring impact all around the world.
We pursue to think and act on what we can contribute to society through our products and services.
Deliver values to satisfy stakeholders’ expectation
By valuing our customers, employees, and social responsibilities in doing business,
we believe that naturally we will deliver values that meet all stakeholders’ expectations.

Company Profile

Company Name
Bold Investment Co., Ltd.
September 2015
Yuichi Yanagida
23F Marunouchi Bldg. 2-4-1
Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-6323, Japan

[UK Office]
Cambridge House, 180 Upper Richmond Road, London, England, SW15 2SH

※See other contatcts here
・Investment for growth (Qualified institutional investor)
・Acquisition of group
・Financial support
・Support for expansion for local and overseas
Bold Investment Group
Ekitan & Co., Ltd. (Information & Communication) ※Code:3646 (TSE Growth Market)
Daiki Securities Co.,Ltd. (Securities Business)
e-Pet S.S.Insurance, Inc. (Pet Insurance)
PT Wave Consulting Indonesia (Web Consultation) [Indonesia]
Agile System Development Co., Ltd. (Information and Communication Industry)
PT Ananda Citta Amarupura (ARAWINDA Agency) (Web Consultation) [Indonesia]
NexTrust Co., Ltd. (Sales of Studio, Studio w/ kitchen (1DK))
※Other group companies
Main Bank
MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Other Group Companies

Acrobridge Co., Ltd. (Investment)
E-Link Holdings Co., Ltd. (Investment Holding Company)
ITL Holdings Co., Ltd. (Investment Holding Company)
M&A PARK Inc. (Online M&A Platform)
SBT Co., Ltd. (Used car exporting company)
Singularity Co., Ltd. (Investment)
Universal Holdings Co., Ltd. (M&A)
SkyHigh Holdings Co., Ltd. (M&A)