Work Actively, Playfully, Globally We dream of a day when our businesses and services are used and loved all over the world.

Investment Business

We are actively investing and lending to
companies that have high aspirations and
can board the same ship with us.

Acquisition for Expansion of Group

We are investing in majority in companies that are
expected to grow over the medium to long term, which will
support the coming era.

Financial Support

There are some hard times when running a company.
We will contribute to the revitalization and growth of your
company as comrades who fight together.

Human Resource Support

We will provide financial support to secure the human resources required by companies
participating in the group.

Support for Overseas Expansion

We will support your company's overseas expansion widely using the network of the group
spread all over the world.

About Us

  1. We aim to contribute to the firm for the purpose of growing even though
    the company worried about financial situation. For instance,
    the company has just started a business and does not have enough
    capital or the other company has been running a company for many years but does not have sufficient working capital, we support the expansion
    and revitalization of these businesses by investing and lending to them.


We made the investment who need our support to solve current issues or need our investment for speedy growth.

for Expansion
of Group

We are the conglomerate so we keep acquiring
different kind of businesses to expand the group


We use different kind of methods to support
financially for those companies who are in
temporary trouble or they need our financial
support to take challenges and grow together.


We use our group company personals or head
hunting to source most suitable person to support acquired company and some cases we buy similar type of company from same industry to bring more experienced persons and synergies to strength the group companies.


Using our group network, we can directly market
to local companies and customers in the
corresponding countries.
We support a wide range of languages such as
local information gathering, appointment
acquisition, agency contracts, telephone sales,
seminar planning, etc. in more than 20 languages.